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Enterprise Strategy
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Will your IT plans support your business for the next 5 years? Are you managing your infrastructure efficiently? Do you have multiple versions of the same software in house? Do you utilize your meta data? Are you prepared for all possible outcomes and can you recovery from a disaster? How long is an acceptable outage for your business? Knopman IT can determine the answers to all these questions and assist you in defining your strategy and architecture to meet your growing business needs.

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Our network team can assess, order, install, configure and maintain:Hardware, software, cabling, network, Operating systems and databases We also provide user licenses apply patches and keep your systems healthy.
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Our data services team has expertise is reviewing your current state and identification of what your future state should be to match your corporate vision. We can help you build a roadmap to obtain the vision in small incremental tactical steps leading to the strategic solution.
Do you have a backup system in place? Has it been tested? How long will your IT be down while recovery is in place? Is your business satisfied with these answers? We can help you identify what backup strategy should be in place for your business, test and implement.